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Our Rules

Thank you for following our rules.  They have been carefully chosen to ensure your stay is safe and pleasant.  Any one not following these rules will be asked to leave without a refund. 

  • ALL guests must register at the office. Unregistered guests will be asked to leave. ABSOLUTELY NO REFUNDS. NO EXCEPTIONS.

  • Quiet time is 11:00 pm to 8:00 am.
    Please keep your voices down when outside during this time.


  • For your safety, the speed limit is 5 mph ...  INCLUDING GOLF CARTS.
    This will be strictly enforced!


  • GOLF CARTS: Are allowed.  Please register your cart at the office; proof of insurance required.  Operators are limited to Adult Drivers only please.

  • NO SMOKING in the following areas: office, pavilion, restrooms, showers and golf course.

  • NO FIREWORKS allowed in the park.

  • Ground fires must be contained to the fire rings provided. All fires must be extinguished when leaving the campsite or retiring for the evening.

  • All garbage and trash must be bagged in plastic bags, tied, and placed in the dumpster provided for you at the north end of the property.

  • All "gray water" must be contained and disposed of properly. This is an Indiana State law.

  • Anyone creating a disturbance or violating any of the rules will be asked to leave, without refund.

  • Parents will be held responsible for their children. NO lifeguards are provided. Swimming shall be in the swimming area only and at your own risk. Swimming starts Memorial Day weekend and ends Labor Day weekend.

  • We are not responsible for accidents or lost articles.

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Barr Lake is a private, natural lake (not man-made.)  FISHING LICENSE REQUIRED. 

  • All pets shall be on a leash at all times. You must pick up after your pet. No pets allowed in the bathhouse, store, or golf course area.

  • Honey wagon service will be limited to only one day a week on Tuesdays with Wednesday as the alternate weather day.  There will be no crawling under campers to open waste gate valves. You can either use your waste tanks, or add a “Valterra T58  waste gate valve”,  (available at Walmart, Ebay or Camping World) and open the three valves, so there will be only one valve to open.  Those with valves under the slideouts must put slide in, so we can reach valves. There will be no weekend honeywagon service.  We will only service overnight guests who stay a minimum of one week.


    *** PLEASE NOTE: Electric cars are not to be charged here at the campground.

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